How to get to the campsite in the Mojave Desert

The last few weeks have been extremely busy for the Australian campground operators.

The Queensland and New South Wales governments have recently started enforcing a new set of rules which will mean that camping will be banned in the state from August 15.

But many people have been left with little choice but to camp on the roadsides of the deserts.

The rules mean that many of the campsites which have been designated as off-limits to campers will have to be re-designated as camping.

So, what are the rules?

The rules were introduced to combat the increase in road accidents which have caused damage to the desert roads, according to the Department of Planning and Environment.

They are:Campsites must be no more than 25m from the main road.

It can be a private property but must be at least 25m away from a main road for caravan drivers and pedestrians.

It must be not more than 100m away.

No more than one tent, tent pole, caravan or motorbike camping area.

All vehicles must be out of the road and out of sight.

There are no off-road vehicles.

No cars and motorcycles must be parked on the side of the roads.

Campsite sites must be maintained by the operator.

No vehicle can be parked or driven on the sides of the highways.

No vehicles or trailers must be placed at the back of the caravan.

Cars and motorcycles may be parked in designated areas, but the operator must ensure that there are no other vehicles.

Carpool drivers may park their vehicles at the front of the camper.

Motorcyclists may park in designated spaces, but must ensure the road is clear.

Campers must be able to access the camptown without being hindered by any traffic restrictions.

They must be permitted to enter the campground and use the facilities.

Cats, dogs and small children must be left at home and allowed to roam.

Anyone found in contravention of the rules can be fined.

Camping has been banned for most people in Queensland, New South Welsh and South Australian states, with a few exceptions.

In New South and South Australia, there are two different campsites that allow camping.

Campgrounds in Queensland and NSW will only allow you to camp in designated zones, but they are all located in rural areas, and there are many other camping options available.

Here is a map of all the camping areas available in Queensland:Catch the latest news on the West Coast with our weekly newsletter.

Campfires have become a popular camping activity, with many people camping out in their backyard on the banks of the Brisbane River, where fires have been lit by Aboriginal people for centuries.

The fires are also popular with people from across the country, who take advantage of the nearby rivers to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Many of the fires in Queensland are made from the bones of animals.

These are not traditional fires, but are being used to create an artificial fire.

They have been used by Indigenous people for thousands of years.

Climbers are also using the fires to make firewood, and are taking advantage of their location in the desert.

Campfire cooking can be done at the campsitep in the middle of the night.

If you want to be prepared for camping in the West, you can check out our guide to preparing for camping.

For more information on camping in Queensland or to book your camping holiday, you may wish to visit our Queensland camping guide.

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