How to camp on the beach in 2018

How to get the most out of summer camp 2018 in your backyard or park, and the best places to stay and camp.

Read moreThe year was also marked by a record number of summer campsites opening, and more than 6,000 new sites were found during the year.

But, as with previous years, there were a number of caveats and restrictions.

Camping was not permitted from 5am to 7pm, and it was not allowed to camp out during the day, even on designated summer weekends. 

In some cases, people were asked to vacate the site, which meant they were required to remain inside for up to four hours.

And it was also forbidden to camp overnight.

A lot of camp sites were already well under capacity, and there was no way to set up tents. 

“A lot has changed since I last wrote this post,” said David. 

The camp sites in 2017 were a big disappointment for him, he said.

“You can’t camp on a beach like this.”

He said that his children had to be at school by 5pm, which was only half an hour before camp.

“There’s no time for family time,” he said, “and if you’re not doing well, you’re probably not going to be doing well.”

David has a son and a daughter at the school, so he had a plan to keep them home.

But it was a hard decision for him to make.

“I had to leave them behind,” he explained.

“They need to be fed and they need to sleep, and they don’t want to go to school.

So I just had to go.”

The situation is very different in 2018, when he and his family were able to camp outside.

David and his son and daughter, aged 10 and 9, are now in the campground, and his wife is working full time.

“We’re in camp now,” he added.

“We’re just waiting for the first tent.” 

David is planning to return to the beach this summer.

“It’s a lot better than the past years,” he told BBC News.

“I think it’s a little bit better, because you can get the sun on it, and you don’t have to stay out.

You can be outdoors all day, and not have to sleep.”