The Last of the ‘Dachau Concentration Camps’ is Still Open

“The camp is still open,” he said, referring to the former concentration camp on Dachau in southwestern Germany, which was used as a prison for Jews before it was liberated in 1945.

“It was only closed in the 1980s and is now an open camp.”

“Dachai” is German for “dachas” or “daschau,” meaning “little camp.”

The name is also used for a large Jewish ghetto in East Germany.

“In the last two or three years, I think, people are beginning to really take notice of the camp,” he continued.

“The last thing we want is to be forgotten, but we have to remember the people that were here.”

The camp, which is now called the “Schwarzgau,” is considered one of the most infamous in Nazi Germany, where many people died there during the Holocaust.

But the camp was also home to tens of thousands of other prisoners during World War II.

“Schwartzgau” is the name given to the camp where thousands of Jews were held, including hundreds of Polish-Jewish prisoners, who were murdered in the camp’s gas chambers, according to the United Nations.

The camp’s final fate remains unknown.

The number of inmates at the camp has not been released, and officials have not released the names of the inmates or their families.

The government of the German state of Westphalia has refused to release information about the location of the “dicha” or the “DACH” camp, citing national security concerns.

The United States has not officially acknowledged that the camps exist, but the American government has said the concentration camp was used to house suspected “enemy aliens” and that prisoners were deported to other concentration camps in the Soviet Union.

In 2016, former President Donald Trump acknowledged the existence of “dishonest” accounts that the camp had been closed.

“I can’t believe the story that I read in the New York Times,” he told a crowd at a campaign rally in Iowa.

“But you know, the only people that really died there were Jews.”

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