How to find a camp site in El Capitan, a scenic spot near Yosemite National Park

JESUS camp has been in the news recently, as it is the place where many Yosemite locals have camped in recent years.

But while some campers have been there for decades, there’s a lot to learn about camping in El Cajon.

If you are interested in finding out more about the area and camping in the park, check out this video of one of my favorite camping spots.JESUS Camp in El Caliente, a park popular with Yosemite tourists. 

This is a nice area to camp and relax. 

I think that is why I like it so much.

It is a beautiful area.

I love it.

 The campsites are all on a hill, but it’s very quiet there. 

It’s very easy to find and very beautiful to camp on.

I think it’s great.

It is nice.

It has a great vibe.

I like the way it’s all clustered together.

There is so much that is nice to see and do.

I just love the view.

It is quiet.

I’ve seen people go camping at this spot in El Cabo, but I think I’ve only been there once.

There is so many people in this area.

You can’t really see it.

But you know, it’s beautiful.

I’m very excited.

You can get there from San Diego by bus.