What do you do if your camp stove burns out?

A new camping stove has been developed by a California startup that uses it to make campfires.

The Campfire Company, which sells camping accessories, created the new portable stove after it burned out its camping stove earlier this year.

“We found the stove was a little more difficult to get into camp, so we wanted to make something that we could carry and we could have some fun with,” founder and CEO Mike Schramm told Business Insider.

The company also developed a campfire cookbook.

The campfire company uses the stove to cook a meal.

It is made out of a steel frame and comes in a number of sizes and colors.

Campfire products sold through Campfire Co. include a stove and campfire cooker, but the company also sells a camping stove and camping cookbook for $60.

Camping cookbooks are also available through Amazon.

Schramm and his team had been testing the Campfire stove on a prototype for two months before they decided to launch their first product.

They started with a portable stove that was originally made out an old camping stove, and they added a few new parts and refinements over time.

The stove’s exterior design features a grill, which makes it a good candidate for camping.

The grill sits on the outside of the stove, which helps to hold the stove together.

The front of the campfire stove has a grill on the top, and it also features a built-in propane stove burner that heats water.

There is a removable lid for storing the water.

The outside of Campfire’s camping stove is made from steel, but it can also be made out aluminum or stainless steel.

Schramme said the CampFire company hopes to launch a line of camping products in the future.

The company also offers camping chairs.

The Campfire chairs come in various sizes, but they also come in different colors.

They come with a built in cooktop, which has a removable top that can be filled with water or used for cooking.

Schramsm told TechCrunch that he hopes to eventually expand the company to include other products.

Schamm said he hopes his company will be able to launch products for people who are camping but don’t want to purchase the full-size camping stove.