Which U.S. cities are most prone to mass shootings?

An analysis of FBI data shows that cities with higher rates of mass shootings, including Chicago and Cleveland, have higher levels of mass shooting victims and survivors than those with lower rates.

In total, there are nearly 5,000 victims per 100,000 people in the nation, according to the FBI.

But the data shows the most recent year for which data are available was 2014, and that is a full year before the current shooting wave hit.

So we have a fairly recent year in terms of data, but not the entire year, and this is something we’re going to try to sort through, to see if there’s something specific we can point to.

We’ve seen some correlation between what we see in mass shootings and the number of mass shooters, and we’ve seen the correlation between mass shootings in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and the other cities with mass shootings.

It seems like a pretty consistent trend.

And, you know, the fact that it’s happening in some cities with a lot of violence, where it’s not as much of a focus in a lot [of] other places, and then also in some of the smaller cities that we have data on, where there’s a lot more focus on a lot fewer incidents, that seems like it’s a good start to sort of get a feel for the pattern, to sort out where it might be a pattern or not.

So let’s look at the data and see how this works.

The number of incidents per 100 people in a city is the number that’s reported by the police to the police department.

In Chicago, that number is about 0.3.

So it’s quite a low number.

But if you take a look at Cleveland, it’s 0.6.

So that’s not very good.

So there’s actually been a fairly large increase in the number [of incidents] since 2013.

So if you look at cities with large populations, which are more likely to be the places where there is a lot shooting, the number rises.

And it’s higher in the larger cities, but then it’s also higher in smaller cities.

So the pattern is that the cities with the highest rate of mass killings, and there are a lot, are those cities with relatively high numbers of mass shooter incidents per capita.

So Chicago is one of those cities.

But it’s the city with the most.

And the city of Cleveland, Cleveland is one city where the numbers are pretty high, and they have a lot.

So, in fact, it seems like the higher the population of a city, the more shootings occur there.

And then, again, the cities that have the lowest rate of shootings, and have the least number of shootings per capita, are the cities where there are fewer people.

So Cleveland, with a population of about 7.5 million, has fewer than one shooting per 100 inhabitants.

But that is significantly less than Los Angeles, with about 3.8 shootings per 100 residents.

That’s a very small number.

So then Cleveland has the most mass shooters per capita in the country, but it’s actually quite low.

And that’s one of the reasons we should be concerned, because the rate of shooting incidents in Cleveland is lower than the rate in Las Vegas.

So what’s going on here is that Cleveland is not a great place to be when it comes to shooting incidents, and it’s probably not a place that you’d want to go to for a shooting, because it’s pretty difficult to get into.

So you can’t go in and get shot, but you can go in to a shooting range, but the chances of that happening are really small.

So this is what we’re seeing, but what’s not quite clear is if that’s really the case.

It’s possible that Cleveland may actually be less prone to gun violence than other cities because the city has a high crime rate, but we’re not entirely sure about that.

It may not be a matter of whether there’s fewer shootings or more shootings in Cleveland, but whether Cleveland is actually more prone to the types of shootings that we’re looking at.

What are the types that we are looking at?

Let’s go to Las Vegas for a little bit.

Las Vegas has the highest per capita rate of gun deaths in the United States, but according to FBI data, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the city is a better place to go for mass shootings than other parts of the country.

Las Veres city has an average rate of firearm-related deaths per 100.000 people.

And if you go through the FBI’s Crime Severity Index, that’s a ranking of all the cities in the U. S. that have at least one incident of a homicide per 100 million people, according, so, per capita homicides are the number per 100 thousand people that are homicides.

So Las Vegas does have a high rate of homicides, and, as you know from our reporting, the FBI is tracking a lot about this kind of

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