What if Donald Trump were president?

NEW YORK — The GOP presidential candidate has a new target: an attorney general who was appointed by former President Barack Obama and who is under investigation by the Justice Department over alleged political interference.

Donald Trump says his campaign has zero tolerance for bias and is looking for the next attorney general that will be tough on illegal immigration.

The question of whether he’ll use his campaign’s resources to get someone is a crucial question facing the new Republican president.

He’s already tapped his favorite candidate, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, to serve as his first national security adviser, and he’s reportedly considering Rep. Mike Pompeo, a Kansas Republican, as his secretary of state.

But if Trump wants to make a serious run at a third-party bid, he may need to turn to the attorney general he’s already nominated.

The most high-profile candidate for attorney general is Arizona Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto.

Cortez is the top Democrat on the state Senate, and she has publicly supported Trump.

She was the state’s first female attorney general in 2017, and Trump has promised to appoint women to positions of power in his administration.

Cortez Mastos office says she has no comment on the speculation.

Trump says he doesn’t think she would be a good attorney general.

“I’m a lawyer, and I’ve been for a long time,” Trump said.

“It’s not like I can be a lawyer without being a lawyer.

So I don’t think you can be an attorney without being somebody.”

If Trump wants a strong attorney general, he’ll need to find a willing candidate willing to go to court to challenge a prosecutor’s decision to prosecute him.

Trump has repeatedly said he doesn “have the temperament” to be a prosecutor.

The FBI has also reportedly interviewed Cortez about possible involvement in the Trump campaign.

Cortes office has not responded to requests for comment.

Trump said during a rally in Florida on Tuesday that he was considering appointing an attorney who “will get along with everybody,” a statement that drew laughs from the crowd.

The next day, Trump tweeted that he has a “very good chance” of nominating someone to be attorney general: “I have a great person.”

But as his campaign ramps up its outreach to the public and lawmakers, Trump has also said he would like to nominate a person who is a “wonderful person.”

“I have to have a very good person,” Trump told NBC’s “Today” show last month.

“And I would be willing to put somebody that I would love to have on the Supreme Court.

So, I could have somebody that’s going to go very far, that I really, really think is going to get it done.

But that’s not going to be the case.”

Cortalez Masto has been named a federal judge by President Donald Trump.

(Reuters)While Trump has been silent on who he would pick for attorney to be, his aides have made it clear that he’s open to a female nominee.

He recently told reporters, “I think there are a lot of women on the bench that are terrific people.

There are a number of them that I respect.

I think they’re great judges.”

Trump, who has made no public comments about Cortez, has repeatedly suggested that he will appoint someone who is “like” Trump.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment on whether he is considering appointing a woman to the Supreme Supreme Court, but a recent interview with the conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt suggested that Trump is considering a woman as a justice.

“You know, you have a number, there are some people on the Court who are so wonderful, they would be great for him,” Hewitt said, adding that “you could make a case for somebody like me.”

Hewitt also suggested that it could be difficult for Trump to pick someone with ties to the conservative base if he were to nominate someone with political experience.

“If you’re a Republican, you’re not going for a guy who has been a governor or a senator, you might not even be interested in somebody with a lot more experience,” Hewitsaid.

“So if you’re thinking, ‘Why is he even looking at that person?’

You know, I don.

I don, like, I can’t think of a reason why he would.”

Cristina Jimenez, a former U.S. attorney in California and the first woman to serve on the U.N. special rapporteur on human rights in North Korea, said the Trump administration’s reluctance to name a female candidate could be a sign that Trump has not yet decided who he will nominate.

“I think he’s just not thinking about women at all, and maybe he’s not thinking that women are in fact the people he should nominate,” Jimenez told ABC News.

“He has never been a woman-friendly person, but I think he really doesn’t have a lot to offer as a candidate if he wants to pick somebody.”

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