How to make a BBQ grill without a smoker

A new kind of BBQ grill with a removable lid is coming soon.

The charcoal grill from Crayola is designed to be made of stainless steel and will be available in two flavors, charcoal and non-charcoal.

These charcoal grill are great for making sandwiches, pizza, burgers and more.

Here’s how to make one of these charcoal grills for your family.


Find a place where you don’t mind eating while camping.

You’ll want to keep the grill at least 2 feet (1.5 meters) from a fireplace or chimney.

This can be a fire pit or a barbecue pit.

You might want to find a spot where the smoke and flame from the grill can be dispersed evenly.


Set up the grill.

Cut a piece of aluminum foil to about 2-inch (5.5 centimeters) long.

Lay the foil on a flat surface.

Spread a layer of oil on top of the foil and place it under the grill in a line, just above the flame.

Then, carefully, carefully flip the foil over and roll it up.

Don’t try to keep it on the grill, it’s going to burn if you try.

The foil should catch fire quickly.


Prepare the charcoal.

Pour about a quarter cup (2.5 ounces) of the charcoal on top and place the lid on.

Set the lid down on the flame for about 20 seconds, and then flip the grill over and cover it again with a second piece of foil.

Repeat the process for each of the three pieces of charcoal.

Make sure to keep your lid on the fire, and it will stay hot and smoky for hours.


Cook the food.

Set your grill to high heat, then take your time cooking the food in the charcoal grill.

The meat will cook faster than with a gas grill, so it’s best to put the charcoal directly on the meat.

You can heat up the meat in a pan by placing a large, heavy pot over a low heat, and letting the meat cook in the pan.

Try to keep meat from sticking to the grill as much as possible.


When it’s done cooking, remove the foil from the charcoal and place your grill back into the same pan.

This will slow the cooking process.


Enjoy your charcoal grill!

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