‘Wildlife parks’ are just a new twist on nature conservation

A new twist to nature conservation is emerging in Australia, with a raft of new parks set to open this summer.

Key points:The new parks will open in NSW, Victoria and QueenslandSome parks have already opened in Queensland, while others are in the pipelineIn the coming months, more than 10,000 species will be protectedThe parks are being set up by the Australian Wilderness Society, which has set up an online tool to help park visitors find out about the latest plans.

“These parks are great for wildlife because they have lots of wildlife,” said Tom Hatton, executive director of the Australian Wildlife Society.

“The parks provide a great environment for our wildlife, where you can get out and see them, they have the facilities to help you manage them and they are well stocked with native wildlife species.”

It’s a great way to provide wildlife a safe place to go and enjoy their natural environment.

“The first of the new parks is expected to open in the coming weeks.”

We are very excited to announce the opening of Wild Life Parks in the Northern Territory and the ACT in the first half of 2018,” Ms Hatton said.”

Our vision is to offer our community a place to enjoy and learn about all our natural and cultural heritage.

“With the help of a great community, this can be done at any time.”

Some parks already open in QueenslandThe most recent parks to open are in Queensland and the NT, with NSW and Victoria expected to follow soon.

“In NSW, we will be introducing a new park, Wild Life Park, in the Hunter Valley,” Ms Hopp said.”[In Victoria,] we have another park in the Outer Sunset, which is going to be open in 2018.”‘

We are a really small group’The parks will feature wildlife species like mountain goats, black bear, grey fox, golden eagle and koala.

“There will be species such as the koala which are known to be quite shy and may only venture out in large numbers when they’re hungry,” Ms Hoogan said.

Some of the parks will be set up in remote areas of New South Wales and Victoria.

“Most of the animals that will be coming into the parks are in areas that are remote and are not very well managed,” Ms Mutch told New Scientist.

“So we are going to make sure that all of the species in the parks can be accessed and monitored by the people who live there.”

This will be a really important aspect of the park that we have to ensure the people are getting access to all of those species that are out there and also ensuring that they are not using the parks for illegal activities.”‘

Wildlife parkers’ may not be the only ones to enjoy the parksMs Hatton believes that some of the wildlife parkers may not like the idea of having to park their cars in a park.”

Some of them might be more comfortable in the bush, so there might be people who may be more concerned about the nature around the park,” she said.

The parks’ locations will vary from place to place depending on the location.”

A park in Queensland will be in a very remote area where there is a lot of wildlife, whereas a park in New South the same size would be in an urban area where we would see wildlife on a regular basis,” Ms Hiplady said.’

It’s really about nature conservation’Wild Life Parks are part of a broader project by the New South Welsh Government to promote the conservation of Australia’s native and threatened species.

Some park managers are confident that the parks’ design will work.”

Wildlife Park is not only a great idea, but it’s a really cool concept, which we have been working on for the last year and a half,” Ms Bremner said.

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