New camping accessories in the spotlight: Sleepaway camp

New camping accessory offerings from Camp Rock Cast, a new brand of camping accessories that’s expanding across the United States, are set to hit the market.

The new line of campers will debut in 2018, with the latest arrivals including the Camp Rock castings Sleeping Bed, Camp Rock bed sheets, Sleeping Pack, and the Sleep Away Camp Set.

Camp Rock’s new line will be offered in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions, and will be available in the market starting January 6.

The company also announced that it will be launching its first ever branded camping products in the United Kingdom on January 11.

The Sleeping Pack is a sleeping pad that comes in three sizes: Large, Medium, and Small, with each size having a different shape.

The larger size comes with a waterproof liner, while the medium size is water resistant, while a small size comes in a silicone liner.

The sleeping pad comes in two sizes: Small, Medium and Large, with every size having its own unique shape.

The Sleeping Pack has a soft feel, while its non-fog cover keeps you dry.

The lightweight, air-purifying material is also the perfect option for your outdoor activities.

The other product is the Camping Accessories Pack.

It is an accessory pack that comes with two different styles of pads.

The Large and Medium are made of a durable material and the Small has a water-proof material.

The Sleepaway Camp Set comes in four sizes: Medium, Large, Small, and Extra Large, and has a mesh pad that is made of waterproof material.

This pad is perfect for sleeping on the ground, on the beach, or even inside a tent or RV.

The brand also announced new camping accessories for the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

The new products are the Sleeping Camp Set and the Sleeping Bag.

These two products have the same shape, but they have different material options.

The Sleep Away Set is waterproof and has an optional mesh pad for the user to choose from.

The Bed is a sleep pad with a fabric cover that is ideal for people with larger chests.

It comes in all sizes from Small to Large and comes with different features.

The Bed is also water-resistant and comes in both a mesh and non mesh pad.

The bed has a light weight and has water-repellent fabric.

The Outdoor Camping Set comes with three different styles: Large and Large Medium, Medium Medium, Small and Small Extra Large.

It’s a lightweight camping set that can be used in cold weather or hot weather.

The Camp Rock set comes in different sizes from Medium to Large, Large Medium and Medium Medium.

The two styles are waterproof and can be cleaned and reused.

The mattress and cover comes in sizes from Large to Large Medium.

The sleeping bag comes in an optional size for the users to choose.

It can be water-resistant and has air-repelling material.

The camping accessory can be washed and reused, and comes available in three different colors.

The outdoor accessory can also be cleaned, dried and reused after it’s used.

Camp Rock and Camp Rock products will be featured at the 2017 Outdoor Show in Orlando, Florida, starting January 13.

Stay tuned for more information on the brand’s new products.

Source: The Times Of India

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