Camp rock cast from a car in New Zealand

Cast off the rusty rust, you can now take your camp to a whole new level.

Read more: The cast off rust is a bit of an understatement when it comes to the rusting rust in the New Zealand town of Maunganui. 

The rust on the walls is so bad that some have had to call in the help of a local professional metalworking artist to help remove it. 

“I had some rust on my window and my window frame.

I got the artist to get it out and I think he got it to where he was able to cast it off,” said local shop owner David O’Keefe. 

Mr O’Keefe said he is not a big metalworker himself but he does like to work on wood. 

He said the rust on his window frame had been fixed by the artist.

“I think it’s been rusting for about two years and it’s got to be fixed, and the wood needs to be replaced,” he said. 

A similar story occurred recently in Wairarapa. 

It was a similar story, but it was a different artist who cast off the rust.

“We did it ourselves.

It’s just a very old-fashioned way to get rid of it,” said Wairarrapa Shop Owner John Stannard. 

I’ve got a big piece of rust on a piece of wood and I’ve got to get a bit creative and have a bit more ingenuity to get to it,” he added. 

When the shop owner first arrived to cast off some rust, he was greeted with silence.”

It was like a big pile of sand on the floor.

And then I said to the shop-owner, I’m going to try and get this out, but you’ll have to get me a crane.

“The shop-owners got the crane and it got out and it took me a few seconds to get the rust out,” he recalled.

“Then I went back to my shop and got it fixed, but there’s still a bit there, so we’re going to have to wait and see.”

It is not just the rust that is causing problems, though. 

Rust can also be found in the carpets, mattresses, and furniture. 

Wool is also affected by rust, particularly in the lining of the woollen fabric. 

Wood is also rusting. 

While a lot of the time, the rust is in the wood, it can also have a deeper impact on the wood itself. 

There have been cases of people needing to be rescued from homes that have been left to rust. 

Many of these cases are now being investigated by the authorities. 

New Zealand has a long history of rust in its buildings.

During World War I, it was estimated that 3.5 million homes were destroyed in the country. 

More recently, the country has suffered from a series of power outages. 

Over a decade ago, there was a major fire in the city of Auckland. 

Firefighters, including fire chiefs, were unable to put out the blaze and had to make a temporary closure of roads in the capital, Wellington. 

In March this year, it is estimated that over 200,000 homes and buildings have been damaged by the fire. 

What is more, it has been reported that the number of fires in New Britain and Canterbury has been rising. 

But in the last five years, there have been fewer fires in the region. 

Is it time to go back to old-style rust? 

The Government says it is. 

Chief fire officer Peter Wright said the Government is working on a plan to stop rust in New England.

“In a city like New Britain, where we have a long-standing tradition of rust, we’ve got very little rust and the reason we’ve had to do this is that our buildings have suffered so much over the years,” he told ABC News.

“When we have these outages, we are getting the rust in to the wood.

It is very important that we are very careful.”

He added that the Government was also working with the community to ensure that buildings were being repaired properly. 

How do you protect your property from rust?

The Government is already doing its bit by investing in the repair and maintenance of buildings, with $3 million in funding from the Government and $6 million in private investment.

“This will be an investment in the construction industry, as well as in repairing and maintaining our buildings and buildings and making sure we have all the necessary equipment to make sure that they are safe and sound,” Mr Wright said.

“But, as the Minister says, we need to keep going forward.”