Why you should camp in Arizona

When you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors, camping is a must.

But there’s more to the experience than camping, and there are many options to choose from.

Whether you’re camping at a campsite or just enjoying the outdoors at home, there are several reasons why you should consider a campsites or campgrounds in Arizona.

First, Arizona is a very popular location to camp, with nearly 2 million people camping in the state each year.

Secondly, there’s no set-up fee for camping, so there’s plenty of room to get some quality sleep and a healthy breakfast before you head back out on the trail.

Third, if you’re a camper, there may be something that you’re not looking for in a campset, like a heated site that can handle the heat.

But if you prefer a place that can get hot and comfortable, you’re in luck.

Finally, you’ll be surprised at how many camping amenities there are at many of the popular campsites.

Whether it’s a fully equipped fire pit, a campfire, a picnic table, or a fire pit grill, camping in Arizona is going to be a relaxing experience.

Here are the top camping options in Arizona for 2018.


Piedmont State Park, Piedmore, Arizona (AZ)  The Piedmores State Park is a small park located in the Piedmouth National Forest in Piedont, Arizona.

Located just west of Tucson, the park offers about 30 campsites, most of which are available year round.

It’s also a great spot to camp if you can get by without much to do on the weekends, as the park is located on the Pinedale National Forest.

There are also some camping options at the park, including the Piesmore River Campground, which is a 4-season campground that offers a fire ring, a fire grill, and picnic tables.

The Piedpies River Campgrounds offer a good view of the Pampas River and the Pigeon Mountain, so it’s worth checking out the park if you want to see a nice hike and feel the air in the air.


Big Sur State Park , Big Sur, California (CA) The Big Sur National Park is located in Big Sur California, and it is the perfect place to camp.

The Big Sur campground is a great place to stop and relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Big Sur.

There’s a campground, waterfalls, and other outdoor activities to enjoy in the park.

The campground has a fully stocked fire pit that is located near the trailhead, and a picnic pavilion that is also near the park’s entrance.

The park also has several hiking trails that can be accessed by car.


Pinnacle Peak, Pinnacle, Arizona The Great Basin Wilderness in Pinnacle Mountain, Arizona has been designated as an Outdoor Recreation Area.

This area is a beautiful area that is just a short drive from Payson, and its a perfect location to explore and enjoy a day hike. 


Big Basin Wilderness, Payson Mountain, AZ The Campsite at Big Basin State Park provides a camp site to enjoy a picnic and some outdoor activities in the Great Basin.

There is also a nearby parking area. 


Great Basin National Park, Big Basin, Arizona The Big Basin National Parks has been named an “Aquatic and Wetland Area of Special Scientific Interest” by the US Geological Survey.

Located on the border between Arizona and Utah, the Big Basin is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the area.

The parks biggest asset is the waterfalls.

The waterfalls are among the highest in the world and the water is flowing from them at a rate of at least 100,000 gallons per second. 


Cone Mountain, Mesa, Arizona  The Cone Mountains in Mesa, Ariz.

is the second-largest mountain in Arizona, and is the only one of its kind.

This beautiful area offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, as well as the desert below. 


Payson State Park (Payson, Arizona) Payson State Parks Campsite offers a large tent area for camping in a large campground.


Pidgeon Lake, Mesa National Grassland, Arizona The Pidgeons Lake Campsite is a popular camping spot in the Mesa National Park.

The area is located just outside of Mesa, just north of Tucson.


Phoenix Campgrounds (Phoenix, Arizona). 

Phoenix Campgrounds are a wonderful option to enjoy on a weekend or a weeknight, as they offer a large site for camping. 


Big Bear National Park (Big Bear, Idaho) One of the largest national parks in the United States, Big Bear offers a variety of camping options.

The Park offers a campsite, an open fire pit and a fire pavilion, a waterfall, and more. 


Canyon Country Campground