You can drive a Boho campaign van into camp without the camper trailer

In this excerpt from “Boho Camper Van: Camping and RVing in Idaho, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains,” author Darby Camp takes a closer look at the camposter vans that are used by RVers to camp in remote places in the country. 

“Boho” camper trailers can be purchased in various configurations and are typically made from wood or canvas, although they are often constructed with rubber and plastic components, too. 

A Boho van is generally more comfortable than a regular camper, but is more difficult to clean, with its plastic exterior and hard plastic roof often making it difficult to find a good spot to put it. 

The camper van can also be parked on the side of a road and have its rear doors closed, making it more of a “mobile home,” and is often used for temporary housing, as opposed to permanent housing. 

It can also offer a better privacy than a standard camper. 

Boho campers have been in use since at least the 1970s in Idaho and Alaska, and the popularity of campervans has skyrocketed since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2009. 

For the uninitiated, “boho” is the name of a subgenre of campground campers and is defined as a “low-profile, single-occupancy vehicle” that offers a relatively low-tech and low-maintenance living experience. 

In the RV industry, the term “biker” refers to a category of RVers who use a single motor vehicle to drive to or from their campsites. 

As a result, “Biker” is often associated with the popularity and popularity of “camping vans” or campervan vans, which are generally constructed with a heavy metal roof, large wheels, and hard metal frames, and are often built in smaller numbers. 

Although some campervians are designed for “campers” to live in, most are used to provide temporary lodging for those who have nowhere else to go and live in a trailer for a while. 

Most campers who have a Biker van and camp in one will stay in their trailer for at least two months, and some campers will use their camper to live off the grid. 

Campers who do not have a camp van and live on the road for a few months can find many places to camp. 

If you want to find out more about the different types of Boho vans, check out the full article in the “Bonghouse Campervan” series on The Huffington post. 

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