The best camping gear on the market

This is the best camping stove for 2017, according to a Polygon review of camping gear that we collected and reviewed from top retailers.We found the Coleman Campfire is a great value for the money, and a good option...

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Why you should stay at summer camp in Texas

Summer camps are still the go-to summer vacation for a lot of people.There’s always a line to be crossed, and there’s always something to get excited about.But these days, summer camps aren’t just for the kids.And this summer, there’s...

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VW campervan has been restored to the outdoors

A VW camping trailer has been given a full rebuild thanks to a local group.The group behind the restoration, the Landscape Restoration Society, said the camper was “lost” in the woods.“The owner of the camber and trailer had left...

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How to make a campfire without burning a house

Bodega Bay has a lot of campfire sites, and it’s not uncommon for people to leave the house for a while to go to the campsite.The campsite at Bodegabay is located on the northern edge of the park, and...

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