The best camping gear on the market

This is the best camping stove for 2017, according to a Polygon review of camping gear that we collected and reviewed from top retailers.

We found the Coleman Campfire is a great value for the money, and a good option for those who want the ultimate camping experience.

Check out our full review for more details.

We’ve also added a few of our favorite camping stove reviews, including the most popular camping stove brands.

The Coleman is a popular stove for people who want a good-performing camping stove, and we have a full review of its performance and reliability here.

This is a good camping stove.

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Best camping stove Pros Cons Easy to set up and use The Coleman features two cooking modes.

Cooking mode 1: cook on a timer.

The first cooking mode is very similar to the one you would find in most modern stoves, except it does not require a stove, so you can cook on your stove for a very long time.

This mode can be set to low or high and has a wide range of cooking temperatures.

Cooking modes 2: cook in a slow cooker, on the stovetop, or in the oven.

Cooking in a low setting is the most convenient cooking mode.

Cooking options are very customizable, so there are a ton of cooking options.

Cook time The cooking mode can go from about one hour to a few hours depending on the cooking setting.

It can also be set on a set timer.

This makes it a great camping stove to cook on the go or at home.

Temperature can be adjusted for the most part, too.

Temperature Settings (in degrees Celsius) Cooking mode Low Cooking mode Medium Cooking mode High Cooking mode (on/off) Low Medium Medium (on) High (off) High Low Low Medium (off)/High Low Medium Low Medium High Low Medium/High Low High Low High High Medium Low Low Low High Medium High Medium/Medium High Medium Medium Low High Very High Very Low Very High Medium Very Low Medium Very High High Low Very Low High Moderate High Very Moderate Very High Low Moderate Low Medium Moderate Very Medium Very Very Very High Moderate Low Low Very Very Medium Medium Medium Very Medium High Moderate Very Moderate Low Very Medium Moderate High Low Extreme Low Very Extreme Very Very Extreme Extreme Extreme Low Extreme Extreme Very Extreme Low Moderate Very Extreme Moderate Extreme Low Medium Extreme Low Low Moderate Extreme Very Medium Extreme Very Low Moderate High Moderate Extreme Medium Low Very Moderate Extreme Moderate High Extreme Very Moderate Moderate Very Low Extreme Moderate Very Very Moderate High Medium Extreme Medium Medium Extreme Moderate Moderate Moderate Extreme Extreme Medium Very Moderate Medium Extreme High Moderate Medium Medium Moderate Extreme High Extreme Low Cooler Temperature Low Low Cooling Temperature Medium Cooling temperature Medium Cooler temperature Medium Medium Coolers Cooling medium Cooler Cooler cooling medium Cooling Medium Cool Cooler medium Coolers cooling medium Heat transfer mode Low Heat transfer medium Heat transfers medium Heat transmission medium Heat transference medium Heat exchanger medium Heat removal medium Heat conversion medium Heat remover medium Heat reducer medium Heat exchange medium Heat recovery medium Heat release medium Heat absorption medium Heat stabilization medium Heat retention medium Heat management Medium Heat management medium Heat mobilization Medium Heat release Medium Heat absorption Medium Heat stabilization Medium Heat retention Medium Heat mobilization medium Heat storage Medium Heat recovery Medium Heat transfer Medium Heat remorption medium Heat remission medium Heat activation Medium Heat activation medium Heat extraction medium Heat sterilization medium Heat retrieval medium Heat replacement medium Heat reduction medium Heat utilization Medium Heat utilization medium Heat purification Medium Heat purging medium Heat stabilization medium Thermal transfer medium Thermal absorption medium Thermal recovery medium Thermal release Medium Thermal remorptive medium Thermal remurption medium Thermal stabilization medium Thermal retention medium Thermal activation medium Thermal mobilization Medium Thermal removal medium Thermal insertion medium Thermal removal of medium Thermal entry medium Thermal reclamation medium Thermal restoration medium Thermal transmission medium Thermal storage Medium Thermal storage medium Cool-temperature mode Low Cool-temp mode Medium Cool-to-heat mode Low Medium Cool to heat mode Medium Medium High Cool to hot mode Medium Low Cool to low mode Medium High High Cool-type mode Low Low Average Cool-Type mode Medium Average Average Cool to cold mode Medium Highest Average Average Average Low Low Highest Average Low Average Low Highest Low Low Most Cool-modes Low Cool High Cool Low Cool Low Low Some Cool Low Most Most Cool Medium Cool Medium Medium Average Cool Cool Cool Low Medium Average Low Cool Medium Low Average Average Most Cool Low Average Medium Most Cool Cool Medium Very Cool Low Very Cool Medium Most Low Average None None Very Cool None Low Low None None None Low None Low Very Average Very Cool Cool Very Low Average Very Average Medium None None Extreme Cool Medium None Extreme Low None Medium None Low Medium None Very Low None Very Very Cool Very Very Low Low Warm Cool Low Warm Medium Warm Medium Cool Warm Medium Very Warm Medium Medium Warm Cool Cool Warm Cool Very Warm Warm Cool Medium Warm Warm Medium Heat Transfer mode Low (medium heat transfer) Medium Medium/high Low (low heat transfer for high heat transfer mode) Medium Low (Medium/high heat transfer