VW campervan has been restored to the outdoors

A VW camping trailer has been given a full rebuild thanks to a local group.

The group behind the restoration, the Landscape Restoration Society, said the camper was “lost” in the woods.

“The owner of the camber and trailer had left it on a trail, and we did the rest of the work, including painting the cabin,” Mr Loo said.

“We’re just really excited to have it back out in the wild again.”

Mr Loo and his partner, Dan Mascaro, have been restoring the camaraderie and camper since it was lost to the wilderness in 2014.

Mr Mascano said they were “proud” of the restoration project.

“It’s a real joy to be able to restore the campaint, the cabinetry, the bedding, all the different items that are missing from the original,” he said.

Mr Looman said the restoration was the result of a group of people, who had worked together for the past five years.

“That’s just really, really hard work,” he told news.com.au.

“And we have to be really patient because we want to get this camper back out there, so that it’s a beacon of hope for people to come and see the wonders of the wilderness.”

Mr Mazzaro said the restored camper had been “lost in the wilderness” for the last four years.

The camper will be given a second try when it is returned to its original owner.

The restoration of the trailer has already started, Mr Loomac said.

It will be returned to the owner soon after.

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