Crypto coins to hit $2 billion in 2018, analysts say

More than $2.3 billion worth of crypto coins were traded on Monday, raising the total market cap of the digital currency to $15.6 billion, according to data from Crypto Coins.

The total market capitalization for cryptocurrencies is expected to rise to $18.4 billion this year, according a report from Counterpoint Research.

The report said that, as of Thursday, $7.8 billion of cryptocurrencies were traded, a 26 percent increase from the year-ago period.

It said that $4.7 billion of the total total market value is now owned by 21 countries.

Cryptocurrencies have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years.

The total value of cryptocurrencies in the world reached $2 trillion last year.

Last month, investors on the New York Stock Exchange said that the value of crypto was now more than $5 billion.