How to plan your first camp trip, with the best and worst campsites

You don’t have to be a rock star to camp, but you will definitely want to make sure you get the most out of your first weekend.

With the best camping sites and locations, you’ll be prepared for everything from the first night’s sleepover to the second.

You can’t expect a perfect camp, of course, but we’ll share our top 10 tips below.1.

Choose the right siteThe right camping site will have a large area for you to camp.

You’ll need to make room for the family and your dog, but also make room on the side for your gear.

We recommend choosing the one closest to your tent or camping spot.

If you want to camp out, that will be your choice.2.

Check out the campgroundYou don’t want to spend your first night sleeping on the ground, so make sure that you’re ready to enjoy a good night’s rest before you start to hike.

If it’s raining and you’re planning on staying overnight, make sure to plan a quick walk before you head out.3.

Check the weatherWhile camping, take some time to check the weather.

If the weather is nice, you should be able to find a campground near your campsite that’s near the nearest road.4.

Choose a place to sleepAt the campsite, set up your tent and put your dog in your lap.

Then, head over to the side of the site and check the forecast for the day.

If there’s no clear weather forecast, make a list of your favorite spots to sleep in your tent, such as the tent’s wall, or on a nearby porch or deck.5.

Check your foodOnce you’re settled into your tent for the night, grab a snack and grab some of the most popular items.

Here are some of our favorite tips for your first camping trip:• Make sure your favorite camping foods are on hand.

Make sure to include a handful of each food and add it to your camping supplies.• Pack some water.

Camping is an outdoor activity, and water is always a necessity.

We love the fact that you can always refill your water bottles, so don’t be afraid to bring your own.• Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife.

Campfires are a great way to catch some wildlife watching.

But don’t forget to keep an eye out for wildlife during your overnight stay.• Bring snacks.

While we love to have a snack ready for each meal, you can also pack a few snacks for each day of the trip.

They will be used during your camping trip, so plan on having a snack on hand during your first week.6.

Pick a spotThe first day you arrive at your campsites, make an immediate decision about where you want your campset to be.

If your site is close to a road, take a quick detour and look for a park.

If not, find a site that’s close to an airport.

If you’re camping in a city, you might want to pick up a map to see where you can camp on the first day.

If there’s only a couple campsites near you, plan to choose a spot near your tent.

But make sure your dog is on a leash, and that you have the proper gear.7.

Take your first stepYour first steps into the wilderness will be very different from what you expect.

Make some adjustments to your sleeping arrangements.

We have some tips for the first week of your camping adventure:• Check the forecast.

Do you think the weather will be good for a storm?

Then you’re in luck!

The next few days will be the best time to camp because you won’t be able have rain, sleet, or snow in your camps.

However, you may be more prepared than usual for the elements.

This will help you prepare your sleeping bags and sleeping pad, which will help keep you warm during the night.• If you’re on the hunt for a campsite or campsite location, make your own plans.

There are plenty of great places around the city that you could camp.

Take advantage of the nearby nature trails and get lost in the woods.8.

Bring some food and waterThe first few days you spend camping are going to be very stressful, but as you gain experience, you will find ways to take comfort from the campfire.

We’ve picked up a few tips for making the most of your time with your dogs:• Eat a lot of fresh, healthy food.

If a fire is on in your back yard, you want that heat on you.

If so, eat your dinner, eat some fresh fruits and veggies, and cook a little in the camp fire.

We know you’ll need it.

If food isn’t on hand, consider bringing your own food, or taking a food truck to a local grocery store.9.

Stay in your carYour first day in the wilderness is going to change your life.

We want you to

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