How to Camp on the Appalachian Trail

How to camp on the AT, and what to pack, in a camping guide by Next Big

The Appalachian Trail, or the Appalachian Mountains as it is commonly known, is a trail that spans about 3,600 miles across Western North Carolina and Georgia.

It is one of the longest continuously open hiking and backpacking trails in the country, with the Appalachian Parkway Trail, the Appalachian Mountain Trail, and the Appalachian River Trail among others, among others.

It is the first and only paved trail in the United States.

In addition to hiking, hiking is a major activity along the trail.

It was also one of three popular destinations in the Appalachian region for hikers.

It’s not unusual for people to spend several nights or more camping on the trail, although the amount of time spent in a campsite is usually limited to a few nights.

Some campsites may only be used for a few days or weeks.

Some of the camping sites have a maximum of three people, but sometimes up to five people may be able to stay at a site.

Most people who hike on the trails spend time enjoying the beauty and solitude of the region.

Some hike for several weeks at a time, or for extended periods.

However, if you’re planning on hiking a lot, consider adding more time in between hikes, as many of the hikes are over 100 miles long and require a long time of hiking, walking, and camping.

You can find a list of the most popular campsites along the Appalachian trail, along with a guide to what to bring along, at the following link: