Bill Cosby accuser says Cosby ‘knew she was being watched’

Former Cosby accuser Adrienne Hall says she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby in his home, and said he knew she was watching.

She made the comments during an interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell in which she said she was the one who made the report of the alleged assault and that she did not want to be in the news again.

Hall, who is now a journalist at The Associated Press, was a high school classmate of Cosby’s in California in the 1980s.

She said she knew she had the power to report the assault and had asked Cosby to call her.

She also said she did what she thought was best for herself.

“I felt that he would be kind to me.

I felt that if he could protect me, that I should do the same for him,” she said.”

And that’s why I felt it was best to keep quiet and stay quiet,” she added.”

But it wasn’t like I felt any different from him.

I thought I was the same.

I didn’t feel different.”

Hall said she told her parents about the alleged incident, and they reported the assault to police.

The woman, who was 16 at the time, said she reported the alleged rape to police because she was afraid Cosby would retaliate.

“We thought he was going to retaliate, that he was gonna make me a liar,” she told Mitchell.

“But he didn’t.

And that was really, really scary to me.”

She added:”He just kept saying, ‘This is what happens when you do the right thing,'” she said of Cosby.

“He kept saying that I had done nothing wrong.

I said, ‘Oh yeah, I have a lot of respect for you.'”

She said she wanted to report Cosby’s alleged assault to the authorities, but she did so with the understanding that she could face harassment.

“The problem is, you have a sexual predator who’s always going to be looking for ways to retaliate,” she explained.

“So it’s not just a matter of reporting, it’s a matter about how you report.

If you say you didn’t do it, you’re going to get into trouble, right?”

She said that when she reported it to police, she had no idea what charges would be filed.

“It was just a shock to me because I thought, I didn’ know if there was going be a case,” she recalled.

“If you don’t know anything about what happens with this guy, you might not even know what to do.

You don’t even know how to tell the police.”

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