How To Get Over A Summer Camp Nude Photo: ‘I Have To Say, This Is Not Normal’

A few weeks ago, it was the summer of love for some campers at the Camp Rock 2 Summer Camp in Utah, USA. 

This camp, which is situated in a forest in the Utah desert, offers a diverse array of experiences, including a tent and a tent site. 

And although the camp is closed to the public, there’s no denying that this one particular experience is a real treat for the whole family. 

The girls of Camp Rock were all about to go camping, but they couldn’t make it through the day without having a nude selfie taken. 

That’s because the camp’s founder and director Josh Tree, is known for his nude photos. 

He was arrested in 2011, but the photos, which were eventually shared widely, have helped the girls of camp, and other camps in Utah and abroad, to finally be able to get away with their naked photos.

Here’s how you can get a free nude photo of Josh Tree at Camp Rock in Utah.1.

Go to Josh Tree’s official website to register for the Camp Fire Photo Contest.2.

Use the photo you want to get as the caption to your Facebook post. 


Add the photo to the Contest’s Facebook event. 


Share the photo with the Campers, or invite them to tag you. 


Let Josh Tree know your photo. 


After 10 minutes, Josh Tree will respond with a message.7.

Follow Josh Tree on Instagram and Twitter. 


Josh Tree may ask you to send him a selfie.9.

Josh will reply with a link to the photo and a confirmation email.10.

You can use the email address provided to be added to the photos.11.

The photos will appear in Josh Tree Facebook page.12.

If you want more photos, the Camp Camp will post them to the Camp Fireside Facebook page in a week.

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