Why are people staying in Big Bear for the Arrowhead Lake Adventure Camping Experience?

When you’re heading out for a weekend on the trail with your family, it’s tempting to grab a picnic or two at a park, or even take a break at a campsite.

But while the parks at Arrowhead can be a great place to relax, a big hike is also a great time to explore the lakes.

The Adventure Camps, or Arrowhead Lakes Adventure Campers, have been around for years and are a great way to spend the weekend.

These are all family-friendly campgrounds that are open to the public, offer water fountains, and have plenty of camping options.

The Adventure Campsites are located in the Arrowtides area of Big Bear National Park, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of the city of Raystown, and are accessible from Interstate 90, and include a few campgrounds along the way.

I went for the weekend to the Adventure Campsite in Big Bears Lake, the only one in the area.

My brother, brother-in-law, and I drove down from L.A. on Highway 101 and took our first steps into the Big Bear Wilderness, where we camped overnight in Big Bow Lake and the Big Bow Wilderness.

I’d heard that the Big Bears Wilderness was the best camping spot in the park, so we were all excited when we first set foot into the area last week.

Our campsite had a full-service grill and fire pit, but we only had two tents, which I’ll explain later.

We were also limited to two tent sites at a time.

We got our first look at the surrounding landscape from our hammock on the back of the Jeep, which was the perfect spot to start the day with a bit of water faucet fun.

We also got our bearings at the picnic area, which featured a giant picnic table, picnic chairs, and plenty of space to store your gear.

Before we got to the picnic table we got some water for the fire pit.

This is the area where we set up camp, before setting up the campfire.

We had some nice views of the Bigs River and surrounding landscape, and it was just a nice place to get a little water.

There were no showers or hot showers on the day, so my brother and I decided to take a shower in the middle of the night in our hammocks.

The water was cold, and we weren’t sure how we’d feel the next day.

The campfire was a great spot to catch some of the sun, and the lake was just getting its first lake of the season.

We didn’t have much to do at the campground, but I can’t wait to go back.

The Bigs Lake is a popular destination for people of all ages, and camping is definitely a part of that.

I was able to catch a few good photos with my brother-sister and their families while we were at the campsite, and after the weekend we’ll be heading back to the park for another day in Big Bows Lake.

Read more about camping in Bigs Lakes.

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