The bizarre truth behind the wacky camping trips in WA

By Mark KennedyThe bizarre camping trips of a wacky WA family have sparked a nationwide debate about camping in the bush.

The Woomera family have been living in their caravan in the town of Doonbeg for the past five years.

The family have had to travel to places like Cape York, and even New Zealand for the holidays.

“It’s a very big challenge, you know,” Mr Doonbew said.

“We’re very lucky that we’re doing well, but it’s definitely not a happy time for us.”

In recent years, the family have gone camping in remote areas of New Zealand and Australia.

But the Woomeras decided to put the trip on hold in the last week of May.

The trip to Doonbes, where they camp in the open bush, was planned around the return of the New Zealand summer.

“In the bush, it’s not really ideal,” Mr Woomeas said.

The New Zealand weather was very good last week, but the conditions were still a challenge.

“I don’t know if it was because we had a big rain in the weekend, but we’re very worried about the conditions,” Mr Shubha said.

He and his wife, Kishore, are now worried about their safety, and want to return home.

“This is the first time in five years, we’ve been camping in this bush,” Mr Kishor said.

“We want to go back to the village.”

It’s not the first camping experience that the Womestad family has faced.

In 2013, their caravan was hit by a deer.

They’ve also been hit by lightning once before.

“The weather conditions were just amazing,” Mr Nandita said.

Mr Shubhar said his family is still not used to being out in the wild.

“That’s not something that we’ve experienced in our whole life,” he said.

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