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When does it rain?

In the winter months, summer camps are filled with families enjoying the fresh air, outdoor activities and tasty food.But on weekends, there are few outdoor activities.For many campers, summer campers are just a way of life, a chance to...

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How to Survive the Burning Season in California

Burning season is here.Here are the best places to camp.1.Cottages and Cabins2.Cabins and Ranches3.Ranches and Ranges4.Cabanas5.Cabana Camps6.Camps and Outbuildings7.Campgrounds8.Campsites9.Campsite Facilities10.Camping Locations11.Burning Campsites12.How to Protect Your Stuff...

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How to get a camping permit in Canada

If you’re in Northern Canada, you’re probably thinking, ‘Ahhh, that’s a long story, but it’s about to get really interesting.┬áHere’s how to get your camping permit and get your gear sorted out.1.Get a camping license and a camp permit2.Apply...

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