dachau concentration camp


Which campers are most likely to die of hypothermia in Dachau camp?

The camp has become a popular destination for military personnel and their families.Campers have been camping at the camp since 1944, and since 2005, it has been the home of the notorious Dachacaus concentration camp.The camp was designed by...

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The Last of the ‘Dachau Concentration Camps’ is Still Open

“The camp is still open,” he said, referring to the former concentration camp on Dachau in southwestern Germany, which was used as a prison for Jews before it was liberated in 1945.“It was only closed in the 1980s and...

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How to spot a German Dachau camp guard

Dachanen camp in the Dachaus concentration camp in eastern Germany was the scene of the largest mass execution in German history.Here are some key facts about the camps notorious inmates:1.It is believed that some 1.2 million people were imprisoned...

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