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Why Meagan and her family are camping in Arizona

The couple, who live in rural Arizona, recently moved to a new town.Meagan, 26, and her husband, Jordan, 24, were able to go camping in their backyard on a cool, spring evening.“It’s the perfect spot for us,” Meagan said.“It’s...

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How to find a camp site in El Capitan, a scenic spot near Yosemite National Park

JESUS camp has been in the news recently, as it is the place where many Yosemite locals have camped in recent years.But while some campers have been there for decades, there’s a lot to learn about camping in El...

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The JESUS CAMP movie is in production!

Next Big Futures is currently running a teaser and the studio is hoping to unveil the movie as early as this month.The teaser features some pretty spectacular shots from the film, with some scenes that you won’t see in...

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